Happy Healthy Moms and Babies: breastfeeding basics

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Rose supported me and my babies through our breastfeeding experience with compassion, understanding, and a wisdom that must be from her decades of experience. Her book cracked me up. My family is healthier having known and been touched by you, Rose!

-- Keira

Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz has the knowledge, skills and compassion to help mothers succeed in fulfilling their own breastfeeding goals. Although clearly a breastfeeding proponent, she is above all tactful and kind, helping mothers resolve their feelings of guilt or regret when breastfeeding is not going well.

-- Nancy E. Wight MD, IBCLC, FABM, FAAP

A location consultant's Advice for Breastfeeding during Your Hospital Stay

This book is designed for you to read before you have your baby. Take it with you to the hospital as a reference as well. Over the years or working with new moms and babies, I have learned that not all babies nurse exactly the way "they are supposed to". This book helps you to understand why your baby may not be nursing as often or as well in those first few days. Learn how to recognize what your baby may be doing and why. Learn some very important information for you and your baby as begin to breastfeed during those first few days.